A Valentine Disaster

After making a whole gift guide, and sharing some previous gifts I had come up with, it was sooo hard not to spill the beans on what I was planning this year. It was going to be SO epic. I had imagined strings lights draped from wall to wall, covering the ceiling of the apartment. And as my husband would walk in, he would follow the pictures with excerpts of our story in order (I’m working on a book about our story). And when he finally reached the end – which isn’t too far since our apartment is only 635 sq ft, there would be an amazing dinner waiting for him. Lasagna and heart shaped peanut butter cookies.

Some backstory on me; I have never been good at cooking. I have set towels on fire multiple times, always forget to turn the timer on, and usually don’t really follow the recipe. I mean, what’s the fun in cooking if you can’t invent your own recipes? Anyways, you can imagine how this methodology could turn disastrous very quickly. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, I was determined to do everything properly.

My husband had cooked dinner for me Valentines evening, but we had little time to enjoy it because I had a big exam coming up. But Thursday evening turned out to be a perfect time to set up my plans since he was supposedly staying late in school that day. After my exam finished, I quickly called him to find out where he had parked the car. As it turns out, he wasn’t staying anymore and coming home with me. I was going to be surprising him while he was in the other room…

But no biggie, right? Things could still have gone perfect. I would ban him to the bedroom, and continue to carry out my plans. I drove to CVS and picked up some photos I had ordered, and the next stop was shoprite. They are literally two minutes away. Well, with my keen sense of direction, I managed to drive right past it and didn’t notice until I was about 5 minutes out. It was already 3 pm at this point, and time was running out. I made a quick u-turn and crossed my fingers that nothing else would go wrong this time. But knowing me, that was nearly impossible.

I got home and sent my husband to the room. It was time to get to work. I open up the box of string lights I ordered and start to untangle them. When I saw them on amazon, I had seen the number ’40’ and assumed it meant 40 feet each. Wellllll, turns out it was actually 40 pictures, and just barely 10 ft. Which meant I could only get them across a wall once, or I had to only decorate a single wall. So much for my entry of lights! Instead, I had to improvise;

While I was setting this up, I was also starting on dinner. I know lasagna might seem like simple recipe to some of you, but guys… I STINK AT COOKING. I cannot stress this enough. Which makes the rest of the story all the more sad. I started off by following the recipe exactly. Yes, I made sauce from scratch! Chopped everything up, put the right spices, let it simmer for 30 minutes. And it didn’t even taste bad. I put up the pasta to cook, took out all the cheeses, made my ricotta mix. Then came the layering. At first I was like – I got this, don’t need any instructions. But then I remembered how that has literally never worked for me, so I pulled up a video and layered the lasagna accordingly.

Everything was going smoothly now. I mean, the wall wasn’t epic, but it was still pretty cute. The lasagna was in the oven and cooking, and the cookies I had made many times before (baking, for me, is much easier). I started to cut out more hearts and blow up more balloons to make the wall look more lively. Then, the 25 minute time went off (I remembered!) and it was time to uncover the lasagna. I took out so carefully, as heavy as it was, and safely got it on the stove top. I took off the tinfoil. Only two more steps remained to the perfect evening! Get it back in the oven for 20 minutes, and then take it out. I was so close. I picked up the lasagna with two towels, and started to make my way to the oven… except with the first step I took, the lasagna slid right out of the dish. On to a very dirty stove top.

I stared at the unattractive lasagna lying there, half in the dish, half on the stove, cheese and sauce completely jumbled together. Two hours of dinner prepping had turn into an inedible mess in less than two seconds.And I ran into the room and burst out crying.  Guys, I almost had it.

But things always have a funny way of working out in the end, so while I implore you to feel bad for me, I also understand that objectively, it’s pretty hysterical.

My husband came to save the day, as usual. The more I stared at the lasagna, the funnier it got – to the point where I knew I had to make a blog post about it. There was still one layer left in the dish, and my husband insisted there was no way he was going to let a ‘perfectly good lasagna go to waste’. So he salvaged as many layers as he good, into one messy, jumbled dish, and this time – he put it back in the oven.

It didn’t come out the way I had imagined.

But at the end of the day, my husband was happy. I didn’t get to finish the wall or the cookies, and the lasagna looked pretty gross – but it actually tasted just fine. And I had accomplished what I set out to do – make my husband feel special in a way that he deserved. And in retrospect, this is going to be a great story to look back on and tell out kids one day.

Love you hubby <3

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