No Gift Says “I Love You” Like This

As Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching (better get hustling boys and girls!), I can’t help but reflect on the last two years of our relationship. Valentine’s day is not something I’ve ever celebrated in the past – but the first year into dating my husband, I came up with a brilliant idea. Obviously, we are both super nerdy pursuing these engineering degrees, so I came up with an equally super nerdy way to tell him – for the first time! – that I love him.

I hid four sets of clues around his house. Each clue had a hint leading to the next. With every clue came two questions as well. He had to record all the answers to be able to solve the grand mystery! A secret code written in a computer language; only solvable with the answers to the hint’s questions. So maybe it was kind of obvious what it spelled, but hey – it was a fun ride. You guessed it! The end message read “I love you”.













I know – super nerdy. But I was pretty proud! To make it more romantic, I also bought a pink bottle of champagne, and special coupon – which, by the way, makes an awesome Valentine’s Day chachki. It’s filled with sexy ideas your partner can redeem.

But then came his birthday – and cheesy notes were NOT going to cut it anymore. I had to step it up this time. I had to come up with a gift better than all the gifts in the entire history of the world! Yes, I am super dramatic, but I LOVE GIFTS. I love making the people in my life feel special! And the best way to do that is adding a personal touch.

So I came up with this: 52 personalized cards with some of my husband’s favorite things. How did I pull this off? I sat down with him months before his birthday and casually mentioned how I wanted to know more about him. I came up with a list of 50-ish questions to ask him, so I had some ideas to work with. I got some great material and was able to design almost every card from scratch:




Wife of the year award? Nah. Just a girl who’s looking for a creative outlet and way to show my love.

You could imagine that this birthday gift was and will always be extremely hard to top. So I had to settle for mediocre gifts for his next birthday. But hey – they were both still personal and cute.


The beer cup because he obviously likes beer, but also it was a filler present until the real one came. (Engraved on the cup is “husband of the year” – super cheesy, I know). I wanted to draw something on my own but unfortunately don’t have a scanner to upload to the computer. Instead, I found this adorable shop on etsy that draws your family for you so I sent in a picture of us (the night we got engaged) and a picture of Dakota too of course!

So what am I getting at?! I’m not trying to say I’m an awesome gift-giver (because let’s face it – I’m awesome). I’m saying that personal gifts are the best kind, in my opinion. It’s not always easy, and you can’t do it for every occasion. Maybe just the special ones. But all of you out there are capable of coming up with these ideas – and this is how:

Think about what the person loves. It’s that simple. What does your significant other love to do on a daily basis? What are their secret desires? Something they wish they could always do? Something they did and loved? I spend months thinking about presents, because it’s the way I show someone I care. Have you ever read The 5 Love Languages? Well, gifts are definitely my forte. And being the wife on a budget, I just wanted to tell you guys that there are options there without money. Yes, I did spend some money on most of my gifts – but a very reasonable amount. I didn’t buy any fancy watches or wool coats because we don’t have that kind of money just yet. But personal gifts are just as important.

Now that’s not to say that some people don’t like store bought gifts. I am going to link store-bought gift ideas below, because I did find some adorable things on the internet. Just keep in mind every gift can be personalized with your own touch. You can buy a leather satchel and fill it with photos or love notes. You can buy a journal and put a love poem on the first page. You can even buy a fancy watch and engrave a special message in the back.

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I’ll end on one final note; just remember that Valentine’s Day, or special day for that matter, is NOT about gifts. I love gifts just as much as anyone – clearly – but always have your eye on the prize. It’s about making someone feel special, and creating a bond between you two. It doesn’t always have to be gifts. It can be a homemade dinner, and unique outing, or even just a back rub. However you choose to give to your partner is not important. What’s important is showing that you love them and appreciate everything they do for you.


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