Making Time for Hobbies

Something I’ve been struggling with for a while is how bloggers have so much TIME. I don’t know the whole story – if they have outside jobs or just blog full time – but for me, that’s obviously not the case. Let me tell you, engineering is demanding. There is no such thing as ‘cramming’ the night before, or memorizing flash cards. You are tested on your skills that are all built on a foundation from the previous semesters.

Which brings me to my very packed life of studying. We spend most of weekend on homework and restocking on essentials. After having your brain in overdrive for so long, it’s easy to say, “let’s just binge on netflix to go brain dead for a little while”. Don’t get me wrong – I am completely and totally guilty of this. But it’s definitely something I have been working on.

This past weekend, we finally made it out to see one of my best friends in DC. We’ve been talking about visiting for nearly two years now!


It’s important in any discipline to make time for the things you love. Your hobbies define you as a person, not just your career or your school work. Friends, family, and extra curricular help you develop your sense of self. I’ve come up with tips for myself to stay on top of doing the things I love, especially being the creative seeker that I am.

Set a time. I’m not a big fan a planning. I’ve always been a spur-of-the-moment kind of girl. But that gets you nowhere when you have a packed schedule! You need to set aside time to do what you love. For example, I’ve taken away an hour of TV time in my nightly routing to devote to this blog/fashion/interior design. Ideally, set a time every other day in your schedule when you know your free.

Start first thing in the morning. Something my husband and I have noticed is that our mornings pretty much dictate how the rest of the day is going to go. I know some people wake up early to do school work or workout, but in my opinion, hobbies are equally as important. On your rest day, wake up, brew a cup of coffee, and cuddle up with a book. There is no reason to start your day off vegging out in front of the TV, even if it is the weekend.

Join a Group or Take a Class. This might sound crazy if you’ve been out of school for a while, or are currently enrolled in a full load semester. But I promise, there are plenty of opportunities out there that are very time-manageable. When I used to live in the city, I signed up for a contemporary dance class once a week. An hour and a half a week of doing something I loved (even though I was pretty bad!). There are a lot of disciplines that offer adult classes, or groups that meet up to share in what they love to do. Taking a class also gives you the structure you need to continue each week.

Set Goals. Just like school or a career, you always need to have goals to keep yourself motivated. For example; I’ve always loved playing piano, but never seemed to be consistent with it. One time, I was listening to the classical radio and heard an amazing Chopin song that I knew I just HAD to learn. I made a goal to learn it by the end of the month, and this kept me motivated to sit down and practice any chance I got. Goals have been known to push people forward, because lets face it; we all love the sense of accomplishment.

Record how you feel afterwards. Sometimes I forgot how much I love to paint, or sing, or write. We all get lazy. But if you know that you’re going to feel on top of the world after you finally write that blog post or learn that song – you much more likely to pick it up. TV is a good distraction, but it doesn’t make you feel like a better or different person. Hobbies do. They make you grow into yourself – who doesn’t want that?

Something me and my husband have spoken about several times is what our day is going to look like once we come home from work, and our future kids come home from school. We’ve both agreed we don’t want a home that promotes TV for the rest of the night. My husbands dream is to have his own wood working shop, where he can CREATE. I’ve always dreamed of having a window paneled room with a view of the mountains, where I can paint and write. We want our kids to have outside interests and develop their creativity through passions of their own. And the best way to make that happen is set an example.


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