Arizona Overview

Since we were on break for two weeks from school, we decided to escape the cold for a bit and head out to the west! We stayed by my husband’s brother in the heart oh Phoenix. This trip, we kind of just relaxed, ate good food, and of course – did some shopping.

We obviously also got caught up on all the movies. I was dying to see the greatest showman, and my husband was dying to see star wars… (boys!). We ended up seeing both, but its clearly no vote which was better. He might not admit it, but I almost saw tears in his eyes when Barnum’s theater burnt down. (Also can I just say, I am a HUGE fan of Zendaya!)

We also kept our yearly tradition of going to the Phoenix Zoo Lights Show. It’s actually pretty magical no matter how many times you see it. They decorate the entire zoo with different lights and cute animal animations. It’s definitely worth seeing if you haven’t been before.

To top it all off though, we went horse back riding! I haven’t been in years, and I adore horses. So I’ll be honest, the trail was pretty slow and we didn’t trot at all, but it was nice to be in the desert – definitely a new experience. Side note, they put me on the smallest horse… of course.

Anyways, picture time! Also included: outfits of the day.

IMG_6468IMG_6369IMG_6377 (Edited)IMG_6382IMG_6440IMG_6461IMG_6478IMG_6502IMG_6516IMG_6529IMG_6576

Next up: last year’s trip to Arizona. It includes wayyy better stories (AKA me and my husband eloping!). Stay tuned.

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