A New Addition

I was never too academically motivated in high school. I focused on having fun and building relationships. You can only imagine my surprise when I got to college and realized that you don’t just pass classes studying the night before. At least, not in mechanical engineering.

After my husband and I moved in together, I adamantly decided we were ready for a puppy. Knowing how stressed out I was during the semester (in between rushing for a sorority and wedding planning!), my husband decided to make a deal with me. Get straight A’s for the semester, and we could get a dog.

He was joking of course, but the deal served it’s purpose.

I worked hard, really hard actually… on finding the perfect puppy for our little family! I endlessly searched every pound and adoption website on the internet. I also managed to squeeze by that semester passing all my classes.

I guess I could be pretty convincing because I didn’t get the 4.0, but I did get the puppy.



Meet Dakota, out precious little Labrador. She is definitely the best things that’s ever happened to me (aside from getting married at all).

It wasn’t easy in the beginning; having a puppy is almost like having a baby. We had to wake up in the middle of the nights anytime she cried, or even moved for that matter. There are lots of discolored yellow spots on our brand new carpeted apartment. There are dug up corners and chewed up window sills. Pieces of shoes floating the garbage, endless amounts of destroyed toys. She even managed to eat a few balloons ( and pass them later that day). She even knows how to steal all the blanket in the middle of the night.

But on the flip side, Dakota is the best cuddler you’ll ever find. She’ll roll over on her tummy so you can get the best angle to scratch. She sits patiently with innocent, begging eyes whenever your eating. She gets so excited when we come home that her entire butt shakes with her tail. She may jump just a bit, but I promise it’s only so she can get in her daily face licks.

Dakota managed to win hearts anywhere she goes. Just recently we flew to Arizona with her, first time bringing her up on the plane. Usually, she had to stop for every person to say hello. Miraculously, she was an angel at the airport. So many people stopped to ask how an 8 month old puppy was so well behaved. My husband and I both fought back the urges to laugh. They had no idea how crazy she was back at home.

But I’ve always said, the more personality the better.

Dakota has brought color into our lives, and she makes our long study hours almost bearable.

People warned us getting a dog the first year of our marriage would be hard. Well,  you know what I say? I’m all ready for a second one 😉


Dakota featured at my bridal shower:  


Dakota modeling with my paintings:


Dakota’s favorite spot to sit: under my wedding dress!


Literally never lets me go to the bathroom by myself xD:


Blurry family photo 🙂


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