Macy’s Furniture + Decor Sale

I don’t normally shop at Macy’s for furniture, but I couldn’t resist glancing at their home sale when I got the promotion email. I have to say, I was not disappointed. They have some gorgeous stuff and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to assemble some of my favorite pieces! Here is a mock demo of some of their items put together. Everything is an additional 20% off using the code HOME.  Yes, they are on the higher end, but this is more to give you guys a visual of what I would have done with their stuff. Linked below are some other alternatives, somewhat cheaper options for those of you who are constricted to budgets like me 🙂 Hopefully this will give you some inspiration for you homes!

Sofa  ~ Armchair ~ Rug ~ End Table ~ Coffee Table ~ Table Lamp ~ Floor Lamp ~ Painting ~ Vase

Similar and cheaper options:

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