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Hey guys! So as school is picking up again, I’m going to have less time to write and design 🙁 But I will definitely try my best! I’ve been working a lot on future bedroom concepts, since (hopefully!) we will be moving next year. So I thought I’d share some potential designs! I’ve put together two different color schemes, for a very specific reason. Let me tell you, when you get married, you have to share a room with a BOY. And surprise, surprise, some boys do not like PINK! As blush is one of my favorite colors, this was pretty disheartening, but there is still hope! I’ve fallen in love with grays and blues as well!

I’ll include my two photos and similar furniture that may be more in budget. You can shop these designs on Polyvore, but if I’m being honest, I’m sure there are cheaper options. Hopefully this guide will be somewhat helpful!

OPTION ONE: (for men who aren’t afraid of a little pink in their lives ;))

With a neutral color rug, you get so many different options for wallpaper! I’ve included 3, but there are soooo many out there. Any blush/beige/gold pattern would work! Alternatively, swap out the rug for a funky carpet and neutral walls.



beigebed1       beigebed2.jpg     beigebed3


nightstand1Furniture-of-America-Divonne-Modern-Crocodile-Silver-3-Drawer-Nightstand-ec1666d3-08f8-43eb-b856-90db82ee4cdf  FOA-CM7101N-WBAlmerton+2+Drawer+Nightstand+by+Simmons+Casegoods.jpg


Ambrine+Upholstered+Bench Barrigan+Tufted+Upholstered+BenchSolid+Upholstered+Bench 9237536_fpx

Rug Options:

Safavieh-Hand-woven-Sheepskin-White-Rug-4-x-6-ae1372dc-8c49-4693-8080-79ca7704e32a_600 Nichols+Ivory+Area+Rug  3000_3000_1_0_midq_s_20_prog_3127125_image_101016624411.jpg

Wallpaper Options:

LXFQL_SQ2_0000000063_PINK_SLd.jpg  Eternal_Wallpaper_in_Cream_and_Gold_from_the_Innocence_Collection_by_Graham_Brown-1_96f580ef-524a-4e28-9bdc-8daa015e70e7_1024x1024_thumb.jpg


Anya-20.5-Mini-Glass-Table-Lamp-Silver-by-JONATHAN-Y-733d89d6-50b2-4deb-843b-1a7be860a0b9f7objjpafif75vwsboqzJuly-31-Metal-Table-Lamp-Gold-Leaf-by-JONATHAN-Y-ad347b19-d0a7-480d-af25-3a86cc3e180b.jpg Safavieh-Lighting-25-inch-Olympia-Crystal-Table-Lamps-Set-of-2-e7f6306c-900a-45fe-a9f9-629ebe2c554b



OPTION TWO: (greys and blues are so easy to match with anything and very neutral for both parties)

I would use a pale blue wall color and some shear white curtains with this. Also, as you can tell, I’m obsessed with anything acrylic and mirrored!



Skyline-Furniture-Tufted-Wingback-Bed-in-Velvet-White-b585cc59-4906-4d65-a6ec-5fe62358e02b9098078_fpxGrace-Queen-size-Button-Tufted-Arched-Bridge-Upholstered-Bed-by-iNSPIRE-Q-Bold-e01398b8-9c4d-4b60-b0ef-ecf35e78fd55.jpg ACM-24830Q

Nightstand (there are million of these, they’re super popular – I’m just listing the cheaper options):



55a920eff96f2cc70a56ac0e-w1000_h1000.jpg  Capture.JPG   Capture1.JPG    Safavieh-Passion-Turquoise-Ivory-Rug-51-x-77-30fdbe43-ddec-4c6a-84a9-d75260e0f491

Ottoman (you need the second one. Seriously, you NEED it!):



Safavieh-Lighting-30-inch-Amanda-White-Crystal-Glass-Globe-Table-Lamps-Set-of-2-a8ffc6fe-ef28-4290-ba3d-113be8dbc345             Fossett+24.25+Table+Lamp        Vanderbilt+Marble+30+Table+Lamp


2490759_1 25775-dresser-white-1   Signature-Design-by-Ashley-Olivet-Silver-Dresser-with-Mirror-6d9be32d-1106-49b4-85af-c5994929f5d0

Mirror Lights:



Happy Shopping!

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