Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hi guys! Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’ve put together a gift guide for him & her. Girls – use this blog post as a hint to your man. Nothing says love like pink themed gifts. And roses. And a homemade steak. *Hint hint*

Shop these items below! And remember to check out my latest blog post for ideas on unique and personalized gifts; featuring some of my very own ideas.  >>>>  No Gift Says “I Love You” Like This <<<<<


  1. Champagne Glasses – Perfect for a romantic night, accompanied by Champagne of course
  2. Chantilly Lace Babydoll – Because lingerie makes any day more interesting.
  3. Marble Inlay Jewelry Box – Pair this with the bracelet listed and this gift will be golden!
  4. Ott Friendship Bracelet – This does not look like friendship to me. It screams romance!
  5. Fujiflim Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera – I’m just obsessed with these. Every girl needs one.
  6. Watercolor Florals Leather Strap Watch – Saw this and FELL IN LOVE!
  7. Satin & Lace Cami Set – Because what girl doesn’t need silky, sexy, PINK pajamas?
  8. Flowerbomb Perfume – I’ve been using this for years now and it’s still my favorite!
  9. Love Poems by Pablo Neruda –  Yes, I’m a sucker for poetry. Even just the cover is appealing.
  10. Mabel Journal – Ever dreamed of starting a blog? Here’s one way to start!
  11. Kate Spade Bangle – You can’t go wrong with Kate Spade. Ever.
  12. 30 Day Challenge Notepad – This is possibly my favorite gift because it actually encourages interaction.
  13. Circle Pendant Necklace – I personally own this and wear it almost everyday.





  1. Marbled Teak Wood Box – Like I said above, pair this with a watch or cute note inside.
  2. MVMT Leather Strap Watch – Turns out there are some really nice watches that don’t break bank!
  3. Marble Chess Set – If your sigfig is anything like mine, he’ll love this gorgeous chess set. Nerdy in style!
  4. Men’s Haskell Leather Briefcase – I know it’s pricey, but I’m in love with leather briefcases for men. This is a great “you got a job!” gift as well.
  5. Crosley Tan Velvet Record Player – For those old timers who love music, this is a breathtaking record player for music and aesthetics!
  6. Chanel Cologne  – We all love a man that smells good.
  7. Zodiac Journal – Help your man keep his life together. My husband always uses notebooks to keep track of his daily schedules, and stars just make everything cooler.
  8. Bosca Wallet – Slip a love note in this. Every guy needs a good leather wallet.
  9. UGG Slippers – I know my husband has been looking for a good pair of slippers and these just seem so YUM!



If you guys are looking for personalized gifts, here a just a few ideas:

  1. A Photo Album that tells your love story through pictures (you can buy an album and insert photos according to your timeline or just make a custom photobook on shutterfly).
  2. Write a song or a poem. This is my go-to gift. It doesn’t have to be good, it just has to be real.
  3. Custom drawing of you two or your family. You can find tons of these on etsy. (Here’s an example)
  4. Anything engraved, possibly with a quote or song that described your relationship.
  5. Custom journals are always a great gift because everyone can use them. You can make a cover with photos of you two, or quotes that your sigfig likes.
  6. Check this website for tons of great ideas.

As always, happy shopping!

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