Rainy Sick Days

I decided to take a day off today – and by that ,I mean, skip class – to cater to my sick pup. She hasn’t had much of an appetite lately and threw up the past two nights. It doesn’t sound so serious, right? Well, the last time she threw up consistently, she had swallowed a tennis ball whole and needed an endoscopy to remove. Yup, it’s a Labrador thing. They chew, they eat, they swallow – all of the things that they shouldn’t. We’re just crossing our fingers she’ll feel better tomorrow, because if not, that means another expensive and scary trip to the vet.

Meanwhile, we had some bonding time today cozying up. New Jersey, as always, has the same old gloomy weather that restricts my scenic photos. I was so excited because I finally upgraded to a new camera and was all set to take some nice photos today! Instead, I got drenched with ice rain. But hey, at least I was indoors most of the day. Don’t tell that to my professors 😉

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