Comfy & Cute

Are you digging this casual but super cute sweatshirt as much as I am?! Seriously, I’m obsessed. It’s so adorable and still feels like I’m lounging around, especially with my cozy UGGs.


Mondays are my worst days. Not just because its Monday, which is a good enough reason as it is, but my schedule is also hectic. I have these gaps between my classes that don’t allow for enough time to go home or do a sufficient amount of work, so I always wind up feeling like I’ve wasted the day away. Sometimes I’m tempted to show up to class in leggings and bulky sweatshirt, but I always resist the urge. Don’t you guys just FEEL better when your dressed cute?

This is a great go to outfit that super comfy (these jeans are so soft – but super old and a little worn), and to top it off – this sweatshirt was only $8. Yup, you heard that right! Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the link 🙁 I purchased it from Marshalls two days ago so if you get there soon, you should still be able to find it! Alternatives (that are equally as cute!) are linked below.

Happy Shopping!

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