Budget-Friendly Petite Guide

One of this biggest reasons it’s hard to budget on a clothing for me is the fact that not all stores sell petite sizes. In fact, most of the cheaper end stores don’t carry petite or tall. It took me forever to even realize I was a petite size. There’s a big misconception that petite means “skinny”, but really it just means us girls who are super short.

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I just barely hit 5’1 and have always had problems finding clothes that fit. Sleeves are always too long, pants need to be folded over (even in short sizes some times), shirts look dresses. I know there are some stores that offer the sizes I need, but they’re just way too expensive for me currently.

What I’ve managed to do is find a couple stores I rely on heavily, and then I just wait. I wait and wait until everything goes on a massive sale. And when the sale hits, I order a TON of things. Not all stores will have free returns, but it’s worth it to a order a lot, try it all on at the comfort of you own home, and then get busy at the mall if you need to make some returns. Because you’ll beat yourself up if you find out that full price top went on 40% sale two days later. And let met tell you; there are literally always sales. I actually have an email account just subscribed to stores, and I actually check them to keep up to date.

Here’s my guide to shopping petite – budget edition:

1. American Eagle: I swear by their jeans. I literally do not buy jeans from anywhere else. They could seem pricey, but let me tell ya; they are ALWAYS on sale. It’s very rare to find that the jeans are NOT buy one get one 50% off. Don’t be fooled though – that’s only a 25% sale. I usually wait until they’re actually price reduced – and get most of my jeans for about $30 – $40. That’s a VERY reasonable price for a good pair of jeans that will fit you well. Bear in mind they run a little small. I usually wear a size 2 in jeans, but wear a 4 short in AE. (Speaking of, they are currently a sale!)

2. LOFT: Three reasons I love this store. They have sophisticated clothes. They care petite and tall. And they ALWAYS have sales. KNow what to look for! This site is expensive – but their sale items go up to 70% off. Never shop the sale unless it’s at least 60% off becuase it happens off. Never shop the full prices items until they are 50% off, which happens less often – but frequently enough. I wear an XS P in sweaters, S P in tops, 2 P in pants/dresses. I don’t buy jeans from there because I find that the petite sizes are still too long on me.

3. Express: I actually just discovered express this year, and I’m loving it. They don’t have a huge selection of petite clothes, but generally the stuff they do have are super cute and trendy. While LOFT tends to be more plain, express still carries regular trends and funkier styles. I usually shop them at a 40% off full price items (50% on holiday sales), and 60% sale off items. I wear an XS in tops and S in dresses. Size 2 in skirts.

4. ASOS: I’m still new to ASOS but I’ve been liking them more and more. They have such unique clothing. I love zara but they don’t carry petites, however ASOS is a good alternative. They carry some similar items in the petite sizes. They also have tons of adorable shoes and accessories. They also have a great return policy with free returns – which is a huge plus because it saves you a trip to the mall. Plus, a lot of their stuff is reasonably prices even without the sales.

Of course, there are a lot of other stores such as JCrew, Banana Republic, Antrhopologie, etc. But I tend to stay away from those unless they have an amazingggg sale. I’ve always been a huge fan of JCrew but realizes that you can find many similar styles at a way better price. And, as always, if anything does go on sale, you can count on me to post it ASAP.

Happy Shopping!

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