An Honest SHEIN Review

I think we’ve all be enticed at some point by shein’s ads with unbeatable prices. I’ve been eyeing the website for almost a year now, but couldn’t bring myself to order anything. What if it was a scam? What if my items never arrived, and my payment was no longer traceable? What if the clothes were dinky?

Well, good new folks – I’m here to answer all those questions for you today! I saw a few bloggers out there tagging shein in their posts, and I have to admit that the clothes looking stunning. But you never know if it’s the camera, the girl, or just a lucky shot. So I finally went ahead and placed an order. I mean, the website is packed with tons of cute and unique stuff – styles that I actually love. From tweed, to layered sweaters, and scallops; they had it all.

Then, I waited, and prayed it would all show up. The first red flag was when my order suddenly disappeared from my account. I mean, that’s pretty sketchy. And I when I chatted with customer service, they told me I should be able to see it. At least, at this point, the order still existed. I received the first package about 4 days later. It contained two items – a dress, and a sweater (which I am wearing here).

Looks great, right? Take a closer look.

I don’t know how much you can tell from the photo, but the quality is absolute crap. I’m sorry to be harsh, but I really had to put this out there. This is NOT tweed. The material seems to be infused with a plastic of some sort. It’s also really itchy and uncomfortable on. I saw this particular dress on a blogger and fell in love. But in person, I ended just looked like a pilgrim (which is why I opted out of taking a picture with myself in it). The sweater is, honestly, equally as uncomfortable but they sent me two on accident. So I figured I would keep one and try to break it in and wash it a few times in hope that it will get a little more comfortable. But at least the material isn’t soooo terrible.

My second package came a few days later, and I was still somewhat hopeful. Maybe the dress was just a fluke. Plus, this second package had loads of goodies I was looking forward to.

I mean, this stuff is SOOO cute. I really, really wanted to love it. I wanted to make shein my number shop spot.

But even on a budget, I don’t think spending money – any amount – is okay if they clothes feel like they’ll fall apart in two seconds. The skirts were extremely thin and brittle, and the white one (my favorite piece) was so shear even nude colors wouldn’t work under it. They were also REALLY short, and that means a lot coming from a 5’1 girl. I literally couldn’t sit in them. As for the tops, they felt like they would rip if you just tugged them gently.

The ONLY top that was actually comfortable material was this amazing faux fur sleeved sweater.


Listen, I’m obviously all about them sales. But at the end of the day I’d rather purchase a few GOOD quality items when they’re on sale and have them last for a while. So it’s really you choice. I personally will be returning everything just because it isn’t worth it to me, and I’ve found some awesome skirts and sweaters from good stores that were on sale under $25. I don’ have a huge closet, but I love all the pieces in it. If you want short term cute things, SHEIN will work for you. Just bear in mind you really do get what you pay for. You might look cute, but you’re probably going to be super uncomfortable.

To sum it up: Pros – cute and & affordable. Cons – the quality stinks, and it probably won’t last long.

I hope this is helpful for those of you who have been in the same boat and have been wanting to order from this website. My recommendation is to just wait it out on better stores until stuff goes on sale. And that happens often enough.

Happy Shopping!


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