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Making Time for Hobbies

Making Time for Hobbies

Something I’ve been struggling with for a while is how bloggers have so much TIME. I don’t know the whole story – if they have outside jobs or just blog full time – but for me, that’s obviously not the case. Let me tell you, […]

Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Ideas

Hey guys! So as school is picking up again, I’m going to have less time to write and design ūüôĀ But I will definitely try my best! I’ve been working a lot on future bedroom concepts, since (hopefully!) we will be moving next year. So […]

Designing Planes or Drafting Houses?

Designing Planes or Drafting Houses?

I don’t think I’ve ever known what I wanted to do. Actually, the truth is, I’ve wanted to everything¬†possible since I was a child. Neurosurgery, creative writing, teaching, figure skating… Yes, I did it all. I took piano lessons, dance, art school, math camp – you name it! The world has always been full of possibilities, and my problem was that I just couldn’t stick to a single one.

Going into the college, I was still a kid and totally unsure of what my future would hold. Most of the kids I knew went on to study abroad for the year, buy my parents had insisted that starting college was the better option. Since I didn’t have much time to decide, naturally I chose the most generic major: psychology.

It wasn’t such a crazy choice if I’m being honest. I wanted to help. That’s all I knew; I wanted to help people, someway, somehow. I dove right into my major, ignoring the advice to scout different careers. I had made up my mind, and I was deadset. And things weren’t all that bad. It started off as a smooth ride, mostly because I wasn’t focused on school, and the classes were easy enough to ace without much effort at all.

But something changed one day. I was studying with a friend, and he was hard at work with his calculus. I, on the other hand, was goofing around as usual. And it hit me. I had no goals, no future in mind. Psychology was one big question that opened the door to millions of more.

So I decided then and there to pick a new career. Tons of options rushed through my mind, and the whole process moved so quick. I was making a decision before I had even had time to think about. Applied to new schools, chose a major, proceeded forward with a new dream; to become an aerospace engineer.

Yeah, back up. Everyone looks at me like whaaat?! You switched from psychology to aerospace? How?! and Why!?

I really don’t know, honestly. One day it just happened, and that was it! Fast forward twoIMG_6775 years. I’m sitting in an office, with a grant from NASA, simulating the space shuttle breaking the atmospheric barrier between earth and space. I know, right? It sounds¬†pretty badass.

It isn’t.

It’s really dull, and boring, and there are a LOT of calculations. Don’t get me wrong – I love math, literally loveee math. And physics too. But this office was lonely. Nobody talked to each other. Everyone was hyper focused on their work. And nobody had any clue how to help me figure out my damn simulation. After all, I was a sophomore working on post graduate stuff. I had no freaking clue what I was doing (sorry NASA).

So where does this leave me now?! Well, first things first; I am finishing up my major, because it’s something I need to do. I had one bad experience, but everyone says working in the field is totally different than that research. I don’t love it by any means, and that kind of sucks. But I do need to prove to myself that I can finally finish something I’ve started.

In the meantime, I’m also exploring other options on the side. I’ve been working through an independent interior design course, and it’s been really fun. There’s no engines or wings to break in extreme heats, no mathematical analysis full of symbols I haven’t even learnt yet. It’s simple, it’s fun, and I get to use my creativity. I’ve also really enjoyed decorating our apartment – which is limited (due to lack of incomes of course), but pretty none-the-less.

Who knows what my future holds? I certainly don’t. But I’m just going to take a big breath and take one step at a time. Because, need I remind you, I have the most amazing and patient husband by my side, and he’s agreed to go along with all my craziness. Hubby, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry I might not be making those big bucks selling airplanes. But rest assured, I will¬†always make sure our room looks beautiful.

Leave in the comments if you can relate, because I’d love to hear! <3

On an end note, here’s a pretty picture of my apartment; remember, it’s a work in progress!

IMG_5308 (Edited)


Outfit Guide

Outfit Guide

Hey guys! I’m going to be posting some links for those of you who asked me about my outfits on instagram. Just keep in mind I bought everything when it was on sale around black friday and post christmas time. My suggestion if you like […]

The Married Couple on Campus

The Married Couple on Campus

Time to get a little bit more real with you guys. It’s easy to write about fashion and clothes and fun vacations. What they don’t tell you however, is that with marriage comes challenges. Challenges you would have never anticipated. When me and my husband […]

Zara Sale!

Zara Sale!

Zara is one of my absolute favorites stores! They have such unique pieces. The sale has been going on for a little while, so some of my favorite items are sold out. But there are sooo many more options – shop it before they run out!!

  1. Pleated Checkered Top Р$15.99 (link) 4437272064_6_1_1.jpg
  2. SHIRT WITH EMBELLISHED TEXTURED COLLAR – $15.998608379712_2_1_1.jpg

  3. DOTTED MESH TOP – $15.99 (link)0881105712_1_1_1

  4. BLOUSE WITH LACE DETAILS Р$12.99  (link)


  5. MINI DRESS WITH FRILLS – $15.99 (link)8043212505_1_1_1.jpg

  6. CHECKED DRESS WITH SIDE STRIPES – $15.99 (link)8342267704_2_3_1.jpg

  7. CHECKED DRESS WITH EMBROIDERED COLLAR – $15.99 (link)8383087064_1_1_1.jpg

  8. TOP WITH PEARL BUTTONS – $15.99 (link)2865485406_2_2_1.jpg

  9. TWEED TOP WITH POPLIN HEM – $15.99 (link)0387161065_1_1_1.jpg

  10. BOX PLEAT SKORTS Р$22.99 (link) 4886257064_6_1_1.jpg

  11. FAUX LEATHER MINI SKIRT – $12.99 (link)2398229512_6_1_1.jpg

  12. TWEED MINI SKIRT – $15.99 (link)2547951800_2_1_1.jpg

  13. JEANS WITH SIDE FRILL Р$22.99 (link)5862160427_6_1_1.jpg

  14. LEGGINGS WITH SIDE STRIPES – $22.99 (link)6688224800_6_1_1.jpg

  15. MID-RISE POWER STRETCH TROUSERS – $22.99 (link)5252261400_1_1_1.jpg

  16. CHUNKY HIGH HEEL ANKLE BOOTS WITH ZIP – $19.99 (link)7134201009_2_1_1.jpg

  17. STRIPED FLAT MULE LOAFERS Р$29.99 (link)6436201202_2_1_1.jpg

  18. FLAT FLORAL PRINT MULES – $39.99 (link)7277201040_2_1_1.jpg

  19. SNEAKERS WITH FEATHERS Р$19.99 (link) 6710201004_2_5_1

  20. EMBROIDERED FLAT MULES – $39.99 (link)7871201002_2_2_1.jpg

Happy shopping!

Arizona Overview

Arizona Overview

Since we were on break for two weeks from school, we decided to escape the cold for a bit and head out to the west! We stayed by my husband’s brother in the heart oh Phoenix. This trip, we kind of just relaxed, ate good […]

TJ Maxx Sale

TJ Maxx Sale

TJ Maxx is having a clearance event right now, and I know most people get clothing from there, but you have to check out the home sale. There are some gorgeous pieces for great prices. Shop these gorgeous pieces below:   LOLOI Pillow – $22 […]

Wife on a Budget

Wife on a Budget

How many of you out there can relate to an internal desire to shop while having no income at all?

I realize our situation is rare, not many students get married while still both completing their degrees. But hey, we make it work! The hardest part for me is learning how to budget for the first time. It’s no longer my money, but¬†our¬†money – which means capping the amount of shopping I do.

Which is exactly why I started this blog. I love fashion and I love interior design, and even though money plays a big role, it doesn’t have to define your style. Hence, how I became the Wife on a Budget.

So here’s my secret: 1. There are, and there always will be… SALES. Know your store, know the usual discounts, know what your paying for 2. Homegoods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls are your best friends. I mean it. Forget your childhood friend you met when you were seven. There’s a new kid in town, and they’ve got the best prices you’ll ever see.

I’ve noticed some blogs and instagrammers get really excited about prices that under $100. Well, that’s not my budget. I love shopping for clothing and home, but I don’t own a single top that cost more than $40.

So stick around. I’ll guide you. In between my married life – and you know, building rocket ships and all – I’ll be posting the best of the best sales for those of you who know how hard the struggle is.

Stay tuned!

A New Addition

A New Addition

I was never too academically motivated in high school. I focused on having fun and building relationships. You can only imagine my surprise when I got to college and realized that you don’t just pass classes studying the night before. At least, not in mechanical […]